Korea Blog contributors list


The Korea Blog has released the full list of blog contributors with a link to their blogs. I’m in there, which reminds me I’m totally late in posting my texts. There are a few of them pretty much done, I just need to get some picture to illustrate the whole thing. So you definitely can expect a few Korea-related posts in the next few days!
For now, I’ll leave you with the full list of blogs. Be sure to check them all out!

Alexandra DeMaria – http://www.chooseyouradventure25.blogspot.com
Anne-Maria Cole – http://kimchisoul.wordpress.com
Austin Wallace – http://austininkorea.wordpress.com
Belinda Kew – http://metal4plastic.blogspot.com
Betchay – http://www.buhaykorea.com
Chris Backe – http://www.chrisinsouthkorea.com
Cindy Zimmer – http://lifesanadventure2.wordpress.com
Daria – http://darika-korea.blogspot.com
David Teszar – http://namhanman.blog.hu
Eleonora Ibragimova – http://ellacino.blogspot.com
Francesco Morello – http://www.vabenecorea.com
Huidrom Renuka – http://mystickorea.blogspot.com
Hyekyung25 – http://morningcalmadness.blogspot.com
James Larter – http://www.englishkimchi.wordpress.com
Jen Pace – http://teflorbust.wordpress.com
Jennie Griffin – http://notjustkimchi.blogspot.com
Jepoi Ordaniel – http://insidemybackpack.blogspot.com
Jihyun Siera Lee – http://ktownblvd.blogspot.com
Jo-Anna – http://smileyjkl.blogspot.com
Jordi Sanchez – http://bitsandbeats.blogspot.com
Joy Iris-Wilbanks – http://www.foreignerjoy.blogspot.com
Jun Duong/octotoni – http://octotini.tumblr.com
Katie Herron – http://www.blueherrondesign.com
Kieran Tully – http://kierantully.blogspot.com
Kimberly Hiller – http://www.kimberlyinkorea.com
Lauren Kilberg – http://laurenkilberg.tumblr.com
londone7 – http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog/londone7/1/tpod.html
Magdalena Sieminska – http://sliceofseoul.wordpress.com
Maria Margareta – http://mymariamargareta.blogspot.com
Nana Cuellar – http://littlecraziness.tumblr.com
Nicole Gonzales – http://koreafrommyeyes.tumblr.com
Oliver Geronilla – http://olivergeronilla.wordpress.com
Paul Matthews – http://ajosshi.blogspot.com
Pearl Grace – http://jinju0717.blogspot.com/2011/02/adrenaline-rush.html
Philip Gowman – http://londonkoreanlinks.net
Roger Tyers – http://www.rogertyers.blogspot.com
Saftira Angga – http://www.saftira-in-korea.blogspot.com
Shelley D’souza – http://5mysausage.blogspot.com
Somchandra Nahakpam – http://nahakpam.blogspot.com
SooHee Oh – http://sooweetie.blogspot.com
Suzanne LaGrande – http://www.betweencultures.net
Yelena Lim – http://eyesinkorea.blogspot.com

Check out more posts from this collaboration HERE.
Check out the other collaborators’ blogs here.
Check out The Korea Blog!


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