Worldwide Korea Bloggers Roundup #01


I was checking the other blogs that also contribute with The Korea Blog and chose a few posts to share in here. This may become a weekly feature, but I won’t be making any promises, because I know myself all too well.

So, without further delay, here are the posts that caught my eye today in this network of ours:

Eleonora tells us which 7 festivals we just cannot miss in Korea. My favourite one has got to be the mud festival; I read about it some time ago and I think it must be one of the most fun events to take part in the whole world  (with the Spanish Tomatina in a close second).
The author posts a few picture form her last visit to N Seoul Tower, where you can find the famous locks. I love it how people are so fond of that idea that they try to replicate it everywhere. I’ve taken quite a few pictures of bridges with locks when travelling ’round Europe.
One more blog post on N Seoul Tower, but this one has a short video!
I’m not particularly fond of airports (I actually hate flying), but Jepoi gives some useful information for whoever is flying into Korea through Incheon.
Cheddar cheese kimbap recipe! I have no idea how traditional this is, but, oh, my gosh, it looks delicious.


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