Worldwide Korea Bloggers Roundup #02


I last put a roundup together a long time ago, so I thought it was maybe time to prepare a new one. Enjoy!

# From Chris in South Korea, 5 places you must go to if you go down to Seoul (they include the Gyeonghuigung palace and the World Cup Stadium) and a guide for people who may have a layover or stopover in Korea. He offers options for those who will stay up to 12 hours, 24 hours and also for those who’ll be in the city for up to 3 days.

# Cindy, from Life’s an adventure, made a post when she got her Worldwide Korea Blogger certificate and gift. I got mine a few days ago, so ‘ll be posting about it soon. While that doesn’t happen, take a look at what we all got in her blog.

# Through Daria’s My Korea, I found this nice pair of Converse-like shoes with a b&w stencil image of Dokdo.

# In Namhanman, a Korea fan, I learned about the Kim Sisters, a Korean trio that was discovered while singing to foreign troops in their homecountry and, after going to America, was on The Ed Sullivan Show 22 times! Head over there to find also links to YouTube videos, to some pictures and to a (sort of) recent interview with one of the sisters, Sook-ja.

# To learn how, because of companies such as Korean National Ballet, the country is getting more international recognition for its dance professionals, visit Eleonora’s life in Korea (the post is actually part of the Korea Brand project, so it can be found on several other blogs)

# In this post about the opening of the Korean Cultural Office in Sidney (Australia), Jun Duong of OctoTini also mentions a few Korean traditional crafts like those traditional knots and najeon chilgi, which is “the unique Korean art of lacquered mother-of-pearl inlay designs”.

# From Kimchi Soul, the video that shows Sung-bong Choi auditioning for Korea’s got talent. It got quite a lot of attention everywhere since his story is quite dramatic. A bit of a tearjerker, I must admit. And it’s everywhere, as I said, so chances are you already watched it somewhere else.

# Joana, from The view from over here, shares a short text on people’s personality traits according to their blood types, something that, apparently, is the Korean equivalent of horoscopes.

# Foreign/er Joy, an expat in Korea, tells everything about her experience in Namiseom, an island in Chuncheon, in the middle of the North Han River. Don’t forget to check parts 2 and 3.

# Saharial has kicked off a guide to K-pop over at London Korean Links. Go over there and check part 1!

# Tully’s recall has compiled a list of trailers from Kim Ki-duk movies. She’s in the middle of analysing his body of work, so be sure to check her blog out for more on him.

* the image in the beginning of this post was taken from Daria’s My Korea, but I couldn’t find the original source. If someone knows where it’s from, please, let me know, ok?

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