Photo of the day #17


Don’t you just love sunsets like this one? We do not have enough of them here in São Paulo, unfortunately.

And I wasn’t aware of this when I queued this post, but, apparently, this was taken by a Super Junior member and posted on his Twitter account (see the notes on my original tumblr post about it). This just makes me see Kpop IS everywhere and I should just give up on trying no to like it. I mean, it’s not that I hate it (I love Big Bang, after all), but it’s just that I feel that maybe I’m too old to fully enjoy this sort of music again. It’d be like going back in time almost 15 years to when I was a teenager (ugh, I feel old) and I just don’t have that kind of energy and extra positive outlook on life that’d allow me to identify with the songs. But then again, my level of Korean right now is not nearly as good as what it’d be needed for me to understand what these kids are saying, so, in the end, I could just see this songs as great workout soundtrack, right?

(via talktomeinkorean)

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