Korea on Instagram


As much as I love seeing those professional pictures of touristic places from all over the world, I do prefer snapshots of everyday life because I’m always super curious about how people live in faraway places and how they look at their surroundings. That’s why I love Instagram. I mean, where else can one get constant updates from people that are, in some cases, on the other side of the world so easily?

And I do mean on the other side of the world. A few of my favourites instagramers live in Korea and share everyday a piece of their life with everybody. It is truly amazing to see mundane things and aspects of people’s lives portrayed with so much creativity and care.

That’s why I decided to show a few of these pictures in here. They are ordered alphabetically by the usernames and all of ’em have said username pasted on a corner. Also, if you click them, you’ll be redirected to their “official” page online. Enjoy!

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