Recipe of the day #2: Kimchi


I think I’ve already mentioned how hard it is to come across Korean markets here in São Paulo. It’s not like it was the easiest thing in the world in London, but I knew a couple really close to where I studied, so dropping by was pretty effortless. Besides, I’d get my 김치 (kimchi) fix from one of the restaurants nearby and there was no need to buy the ready stuff to consume at home. In here, it takes me two buses and one hour at least to get to the nearest store or restaurant. I mean, just thinking of this whole ordeal makes me tired. So I thought, “Why not learn to make this staple of Korean cuisine?” and went online looking for an easy recipe. I found this which is not as easy as I would have liked, but still pretty do-able, I guess (or maybe I’m in a brave mood). Haven’t given it a try yet, because, well, I do have to go to the market to buy 고추장 (gochujang), but I intend to do it this Saturday. Hopefully, it’ll turn out fine enough for me to blog about it. Fingers crossed!

Bap Story: Easy Kimchi (guest chef : Bo’s mom)

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