São Paulo International Film Festival screens Korean movies


Every year, the São Paulo International Film Festival screens hundreds of movies from all over the world in the ten days or so that it lasts. For serious movie lovers, it is a marathon; some even take leave from work during the event, in order to attend as many sessions as possible in one day.

The Yellow Sea

This year, four Korean movies are being screened: Dance Town (댄스 타운),  The day he arrives (북촌방향), Haunters (초능력자) and The Yellow Sea (황해). As usual, they’re being shown sometimes at ridiculous times, like 2.30 pm. I mean, I wish I could leave work in the early afternoon to go watch a movie, but, somehow, I don’t think my boss would approve of that.

Dance Town

Anyway, I already watched Dance Town in a session last weekend and quite enjoyed it. The cinema was almost empty, though. Not a lot of people interested in the plot, maybe? The session took place in a cinema not close to Paulista Avenue and its surroundings, the area where most of the movies are screened, so I guess folks just prefer keeping to there in order to catch more sessions, more movies.


A bad piece of news for those wanting to watch all four Korean movies: the copy of The Yellow Sea is stuck on Customs and couldn’t be exhibited so far. How depressing is this? That was the movie I wanted to watch the most and my country won’t clear its entrance. Way to go, right?

The day he arrives

For more information and schedules, check www.mostra.org.

Movies being screened and directors: Dance Town (댄스 타운), directed by Jeon Kyu-hwan (전규환); The day he arrives (북촌방향), directed by Hong Sang-soo (홍상수); Haunters (초능력자), directed by Kim Min-suk(김민석) – who co-wrote The good, the bad and the weird (좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈) -; and The Yellow Sea (황해), directed by Na Hong-jin (나홍진).

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