The world’s biggest pot is in Ulsan


One more of those posts stashed away a long time ago…

The Guinness Book recognised last June the world’s largest earthenware pot in Ulju-gun, Ulsan, South Korea.  It weighs 172 kg and is over 2 metres tall. According to people from Guinness, “the attempt was coordinated in order to bring attention to onggi, a traditional form of Korean earthenware that is made mainly with clay and ash water.  Onggi can be used as everything from utensils to pots and containers for food, water, and other various substances.  The defining feature of onggi is its breathability.  Koreans refer to onggi as the ‘breathing pot’, and with good reason – it is porous and air can readily pass in and out, as opposed to plastic and other artificially-made substances.  The leads to food and beverages that are much tastier and fresher”.

Quite interesting, huh?



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