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… to a post in YAM Magazine in which the author talks a bit about the differences between Korean cinema and Korean TV dramas when it comes to showing physical interaction of any kind between its characters. It is from over a year ago, but I still find it interesting, because, well,that was the thing that most caught my attention when I first watched a soap – Boys Over Flowers, it was.

Do check it out:

Korean cinema X Korean television, by Julyssa Diaz.


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  1. Hello Nana! Thank you for sharing my short post about this topic.
    I am very interested in it seeing as I watch many Korean dramas and movies. As of late though, a change has been noticed, the skinship is a little more natural, it is starting to come earlier on in the dramas and gasp! I have seen my fair share of tongue during kiss scenes. This has much to do with the influx of cable channels, they are pretty much kicking ass with their dramas.
    I think I will do a follow-up post, just to see where things are heading!
    Lovely blog btw, you live in Korea right? You are so getting a follow from me! ^^

    • Thanks for commenting, Julyssa! I really liked the post and saved the link to comment about iit, but never got round to it until now. Will be looking forward a follow-up!
      And I actually live in Brazil! I wish I was in Korea right now, though! 😉

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