Monthly Archives: May 2012

Video of the week #14: Big Bang – Monster (teaser)


I’ve been really busy and stressed lately, but I just had to come and post this teaser. I mean, Big Bang is definitely my favourite Kpop group and TOP is super handsome, so, you know, gotta love it!


Video of the week #13: U-KISS – DORADORA (돌아돌아)


U-KISS was the first Kpop band I listened to when I first got interested in the country. I’m not a super fan or anything like that and I don’t even follow those music TV shows, but I’m under the impression they don’t get as much coverage as other bands, like Shinee, for example. Totally unfair, they’re much cuter and I like their dance moves better! Anyway, I’m super in love with this song and I would sing it constantly if I could actually speak Korean.