Monthly Archives: August 2012

Korean Culture takes the stage in São Paulo


The seventh edition of the Festival of Korean Culture in São Paulo takes place this weekend in Bom Retiro. Korean food, music and dance will be presented to whoever attends this 2-day party. If you’re in the neighbourhood, be sure to drop by!


Video of the week #17: PSY – Gangnam Style


Can anybody believe that I only listened to this song and watched the video today? Yes, I’m absolutely swamped! Life’s been a bit chaotic lately (and by that I mean the last year or so, argh). Anyway, I love the song, the video  and, of course, the choreography! 😉

North Korea shots @ Instagram


The Instagram blog has recently published a feature with a few pictures of North Korea taken by user @drewkelly and I loved ’em quite a lot. I guess sometimes it’s easier to forget all about such a country, especially since most images I’ve seen of it have a pretty official vibe to them. These are quite lovely and, if you’re on Instagram, you should definitely follow him!

Photo by @drewkelly
Photo by @drewkelly
Photo by @drewkelly