Do You Know South Korea? from David Dutton on Vimeo.

While spending a year in London, I discovered South Korea and became fascinated with its people, culture and traditions. In Brazil, we’ve had massive Japanese immigration since the beginning of the 20th century and that’s pretty much all we used to get from Asia until recently. We’re obsessed with mangas and other Japanese pop culture phenomena, and we love going out for temaki and sashimi. So this may serve as an excuse, I guess, but I’m still very much ashamed to admit that I knew next to nothing about North and South Korea.

Meeting Koreans was just what I needed to “wake up” and start looking for information on the country. I’m sorry to say now that all Koreans that crossed my path during those first weeks of discovery were bombarded with all sorts of questions about their home country. I couldn’t help it, I felt like I needed to know as much as humanly possible about life in Korea. Soon enough, I was so in love that I saw no other way out than to learn all I could about it, which included the language. I’m still in the early stages of the whole learning process, but I can honestly say that I couldn’t enjoy it more than I do right now. Each class presents a new challenge and it is as exhilarating as frustrating, but I love it!

To top it all, last year (2011) I was selected as a contributor to The Korea Blog, a site operated by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS), which made me even more eager to share my experiences. I was selected again this year, so expect many more Korea-related news/events in this blog.

You can also find some of the post I’ve written for this collab on my primary tumblr. Click here and enjoy! (edit: now, all posts are also here, but feel free to go visit me over there, haha.)

If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to leave a comment or send them over via email ( Thanks!


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