North Korea shots @ Instagram


The Instagram blog has recently published a feature with a few pictures of North Korea taken by user @drewkelly and I loved ’em quite a lot. I guess sometimes it’s easier to forget all about such a country, especially since most images I’ve seen of it have a pretty official vibe to them. These are quite lovely and, if you’re on Instagram, you should definitely follow him!

Photo by @drewkelly
Photo by @drewkelly
Photo by @drewkelly


Video of the week #15: Super Junior – Sexy, free and single


I actually wanted to feature Big Bang’s Monster today, as I only had time to post the teaser before going away on vacation, but have just decided differently. I like a few Super Junior songs and, despite thinking all their videos are kinda boring and uneventful, I liked the choreography in this one. Besides that, Brazilian fans of Big Bang have received great news about a month ago (world tour will be coming our way, yaaaaayyy!), so there’ll be plenty of chance of featuring my fave Kpop band in here, right?