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Video of the week #19: 2PM/Coke dance vending machine


How about being challenged by 2PM members to show how awesome your dance moves are? This is the idea behind a Coke vending machine recently launched in Korea. Passersby are invited to copy a few dance steps and, if successful, they are rewarded with Coke bottles; the harder the steps get, the more bottles one gets. Besides getting drinks, the participants get to share their performances online. Check the video to see how it works!

via Update or Die.


Video of the week #17: PSY – Gangnam Style


Can anybody believe that I only listened to this song and watched the video today? Yes, I’m absolutely swamped! Life’s been a bit chaotic lately (and by that I mean the last year or so, argh). Anyway, I love the song, the video  and, of course, the choreography! 😉

Video of the week #15: Super Junior – Sexy, free and single


I actually wanted to feature Big Bang’s Monster today, as I only had time to post the teaser before going away on vacation, but have just decided differently. I like a few Super Junior songs and, despite thinking all their videos are kinda boring and uneventful, I liked the choreography in this one. Besides that, Brazilian fans of Big Bang have received great news about a month ago (world tour will be coming our way, yaaaaayyy!), so there’ll be plenty of chance of featuring my fave Kpop band in here, right?

Video of the week #13: U-KISS – DORADORA (돌아돌아)


U-KISS was the first Kpop band I listened to when I first got interested in the country. I’m not a super fan or anything like that and I don’t even follow those music TV shows, but I’m under the impression they don’t get as much coverage as other bands, like Shinee, for example. Totally unfair, they’re much cuter and I like their dance moves better! Anyway, I’m super in love with this song and I would sing it constantly if I could actually speak Korean.