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Korean snacks in São Paulo – where to buy?


 This month has been super busy and tiring, so I ended up not really finishing any of the posts I was supposed to and this part of the blog was left with random pictures I found on Tumblr and a couple I took myself. Right now, there are a couple posts on the works on Korean books I read, another about Iphone apps and some others with random things. I’m about to finish my freelance job in the publishing company and then I’ll have lots of time to finish all of this, but I’ll try my best to finish a couple this weekend.

While you all wait (I hope some do, at least, haha), here’s a tip for whoever wants to buy some Korean snacks in São Paulo, but do not feel like going all the way down to Bom Retiro. There’s this candy shop in the corner of Domingos de Morais and França Pinto, in Vila Mariana, that has a small selection of snacks and candies, as you can see from the picture above. I even found Choco Pie there once, but it was really a once in a lifetime thing!

And since we’re talking about this, there’s also a tiny market in Rua Augusta, near Espaço Unibanco, that sells a few different types of ramyeon. So if you’re ever near Paulista, that’s where you can get your ramyeon fix.


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